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Utopia Kitchens & Living are a niche custom designer and manufacturer of cabinetry including Kitchens, Laundries, and other living areas. Providing our clients value designed cabinets for everyday luxury living...

Utopia Kitchens & Living is the creation born from over a decade of international involvement with the world's leading designers and manufacturers of kitchens, wardrobes, office and solid timber furniture.


Being involved with the world's best, and having access to the great designs being safely implemented into kitchens, bedroom, office spaces and commercial spaces internationally, we embarked on building a pathway that would allow for our organisation deliver tremendous client value. Our successful framework of delivering value through research, design, functionality, partnership and manufacture are unique to Utopia Kitchens & Living.

This valuable system provides our client's design individuality, with proven function, quality manufacture and the use of safe materials. The system has been designed to offer more choice of products and deliver fully usable interiors. Importantly the 'insight' system was designed to allow for price flexibility,  enabling alignment design to suit the clients allocated budget.


Within our capabilities, Utopia Kitchens & Living can combine the elements of stone within the one facility. Enabling broad capabilities and flexibility.

We value our clients individuality, and we ensure that their intent is successfully delivered in every Utopia Kitchens & Living project.

Contact us today and benefit from our passion for client satisfaction.

Brenton Knudsen

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